We're hiring!


We are excited to launch our search for a full time associate wedding photographer!

Our team is crucial to the success of Dash and the client experience we've become known for.   It is so exciting when we realize we need to add to the team, but it's not something we take lightly.  The chemistry Katie, Garrett, Michele, and I have is something I'm so thankful for and hold dear.  We've had so many conversations over the last 12 months about adding another wedding photographer to our team, and we're finally ready to make it happen.  Here is some info about the special someone ;) we're looking for:

A photographer local to Atlanta/Alpharetta who has at least one year of experience shooting weddings (preferably 10+ weddings), and leans towards our style of photography: full of light, timeless, and authentic.  We don't have the capacity to train as much as we initially hoped, so it's important we bring on someone already very comfortable in wedding environments and with their camera.  

Personality, vibe, character, values, and cool factor (aka, do you laugh at my jokes) are MAJOR. ;) This is so important to me.  Dash is so much more than a photography company; people are the heartbeat of what we do.  We take our craft, professionalism, and clients very seriously.  We also LAUGH a LOT, drink margaritas, have deep convos about Jesus and real life, and we LOVE people.  If you're not into that, that's ok, we're just probably not the right fit.

A few things you should know:

  • Beginning Fall 2019, you would only shoot weddings through Dash.  Any other wedding content would be merged with Dash, and removed from any other site.  (Trust us, we have plenty of work for you, and this sounds way meaner than it is.). 
  • We would begin the training process Fall 2018 (very soon!). 
  • Each contract is for the following year (i.e. you would commit to being a part of the team for 2020 in January of 2019, 2021 in January 2020 so on and so forth.) 
  • We will take applications through August 15, and be in touch by August 31 if we'd like further information or to move to the next phase of the process.  


Applications go live Wednesday, July 18!