Dash is an Atlanta based senior and wedding photography team.  Amanda started Dash in 2011, and Katie joined in 2015.  Amanda is the driver and dreamer who's constantly throwing out ideas without fully thinking them through, while Katie is the constant optimist who makes things happen.   When you throw in our Studio Manager Michele, interns, and in-house second shooter, Garrett, there are lots of laughs, Instagram stalking, re-dos, google docs, pep talks, and coffee, dance, and queso breaks.  As a growing team, we strive to ensure grace, laughter, and professionalism remain at the heart of Dash.



Hello, friend!  I'm Amanda!  My heart is happiest when I'm traveling, so I'm often exploring new places, donut shops, and local restaurants with my husband, Brandon.  He's been to all 50 states and I'm trying to catch up with 29!  I dream far beyond reality, love any and all ethnic food (give me that Thai food, y'all, and most definitely all the margaritas!), and am freakishly obsessed with my pup, Copper.  I love to dance, but really only have one or two moves (no judgement).   I also love shooting for the nonprofits and organizations I'm involved with.  It's my way of giving back.  You can check out the three organizations I am actively involved with: Bert's Big Adventure, 3Seams, and ACE.


You can follow me on Instagram @amancoker, but I spend most of my time running the Dash instagram @dashphotographyatl (and obviously, we want you to hang!) .


Hi Guys! I'm Katie. I guess you could call me a homebody. I love a good Friday night at home while my hunk of a boyfriend, Nick, cooks me dinner, and we enjoy a tall glass of wine. We're also parents... to the prettiest Golden Retriever you ever did see (shout out to Bebe). I prefer a warm summer day on Lake Lanier or a five-star hotdog at the ball park, go Bravos!  I have a thing for fresh kicks, and by "a thing" I mean a problem.  The glass is always half full, and I enjoy helping other people view life the same way.  It's the only way to truly live in my book!


You can follow me on Instagram @katieleeyork




2018 dash destinations:


We love exploring new cities, and the local donut shop is a must!  Our hearts leap with joy when we get to meet YOU on the road!  We are ready for your engagement/anniversary, elopements, and senior sessions, and are always down for a good cup of Joe.  These are the places Amanda has plans to be in during 2018.

  Should I come to your city (or country)?  Shoot us an inquiry, and I will be THRILLED to add it to our adventure list!


april 8-9 Dallas

april 19-20 LA/Malibu

april 21-22 Chicago

june 2-9 30A Florida

june 19-22 30A Florida

july 5-6 Seattle

august 4-5 Chicago

august 29-30 Miami

september 14-16 Dallas

november 14-18 Italy