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HIIII!  I'm Amanda!  My heart is happiest when I'm traveling, so I'm often exploring new cities, hunting down their donut and coffee shops along with local restaurants.  My husband is the best travel partner; he's been to all 50 states and I'm trying to catch up with 30!  We ran off and got married on an island, so intimate weddings and elopements where your dress gets a little dirty will always have a special place in my heart.  I dream far beyond reality, am a proud foodie, and am freakishly obsessed with my pup, Copper.  I love to dance, but really only have one or two moves (no judgement).  I think laughter is God's medicine, and love diving into a deep convo. I view my camera as my tool to do good.  I love shooting for the nonprofits and organizations I'm involved with.   You can check out three organizations I love: Bert's Big Adventure, 3Seams, and ACE.

You can keep up with me on Instagram @amandawcoker




Hi Guys! I'm Katie. I guess you could call me a homebody. I love a good Friday night at home while my hunk of a boyfriend, Nick, cooks me dinner, and we enjoy a tall glass of wine. We're also parents... to the prettiest Golden Retriever you ever did see (shout out to Bebe). I prefer a warm summer day on the lake  or a five-star hotdog at the ball park, go Bravos!  I have a thing for fresh kicks, and by "a thing" I mean a problem.  The glass is always half full, and I enjoy helping other people view life the same way.  It's the only way to truly live in my book!

You can follow me on Instagram @katieeyorkk





Hello!  I'm Michele!  When I'm not wrangling my two boys (four if you count my husband Dave and our dog Otis), I'm usually daydreaming and planning our next big trip.  BUT, my heart is happiest when I'm home with the hubs and my two boys, cooking dinner, enjoying some good wine or an IPA, and watching sports. On a typical day you can find me trying to keep my littles Eston and Penn alive, experimenting with a new recipe, managing all our clients at Dash, and searching for the next best spot in Atlanta for a date night!! Serve me a delicious old fashioned and I'll be there in a flash.  You could call me a hopeless romantic, eternal optimist, crazed sports fan or friendship building enthusiast. There is nothing more important to me than making those in your life understand how much their friendship means to you and how grateful you are for them day in and day out. 



Our mission:

   Although our goal is to give you beautiful images you are proud to display, our purpose is much more than that.  We believe we are intentionally given a time and place here on earth; a start date and an end date, which is displayed on our earthly grave. 1986-2009.  The Dash represents the in-between, our given time.  What events, people, and moments will be represented by your Dash?  As photographers, we aim to capture your dash.  We want to create tangible memories that will be represented by your Dash.  We strive to build relationships with our clients so their personalities, character, and hearts are imprinted in our minds as well as our cameras.