I spent years isolating myself as I hustled day in and day out trying to build a business.   I lost sleep, felt alone, and landed myself in my therapist's office more times than I can count.   There were countless lessons I learned through (lots of) trial and error, but also through the amazing people who came along side me and encouraged me, or allowed me the opportunity to learn from them.  I always want to make myself available to be the same encouragement and resource to my peers and fellow girl bosses.  I will forever be a believer in investing in your business and craft; I still continue to invest in my own education!  At the end of the day, we're all in this together, and I'm thrilled you'd consider investing in this amazing business you're building. 

This is SO worth the investment for your business. Amanda is so fun and easy to talk to and learn from! She gave me resources to use for my photography business that will be so helpful, taught me ways to effectively communicate with my clients in order to prepare them for the shoot, get the best shots during the shoot, and help them have a fun experience during the shoot, too! I would tell you over, and over again to do this one-on-one workshop if you have the opportunity to — it was SO worth it! I am looking forward to helping my business grow and become more professional while doing so. I cannot wait to make changes in how I communicate with my clients in order to give them the best experience & pictures possible during the shoot. I’m so excited for what this next year holds for Mist Photography!
— Rachael, St. Louis


mentoring sessions

Mini Chat Session $300 (1-1.5 Hours): This is a basic Q&A style Skype session (or coffee date if you're local) where we'll focus on whatever you want to know. Topics can range anywhere from (but not limited to) posing, directing, finding good lighting, how to set expectations with your clients, email communication, social media marketing, websites and blogging, pricing, editing, finding your ideal client, traveling, how to outsource, etc.. You name it, we can talk about it. This session is ideal for non-local beginners who are looking to invest in their education and learn more about how to run a photography business or those who have questions on specific areas of business. 

One-on-One Workshop (4-5 Hours) $900:
This session takes you through my whole process start to finish. We'll get together for coffee and talk for a bit. We'll direct the conversation to what you specifically want to learn;  topics can range from attracting your dream client, social media marketing, preparing for a session, communicating with clients, traveling, building a team, and anything else you might have questions about. Then you'll get the chance to photograph a real couple with me. You'll see how I interact with my couples, direct them, and find that dreamy light. You'll also be shooting so I can coach you and give you feedback. After the shoot, we'll grab a good marg and go over the photos as we discuss editing, delivery of images, blogging, workflow, websites, etc..  This session is ideal for more experienced photographers in Atlanta, but don't worry, I travel. ;) 

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