Addison | Alpharetta Senior | By Amanda | Georgia Senior Portrait Photographer

I could try and emcompass the beauty of this gal with my own words, but you’ll get a beautifully painted picture from her’s:

“Little story of mine : started high school as a broken young girl with big insecurities. High school popularity and pressure to fit in really did get the best of me. These insecurities that I had deep down were what was guiding my every move. I look back and I see a girl who would give into things God never had in store for her. I made poor decisions and treated people badly. My heart would try to compensate for my insecurities by saying and thinking things that were insanely selfish and self conceded. I honestly had no idea that there was better out there because I was in this box trying to ‘be a high schooler and have fun.’ Halfway through high school, God honestly came in and wrecked my entire life. God put it on my heart that enough was enough.

I was His.

He had A LOT of damage control to do and literally stripped away every toxic thing and action in my life. I wish I could say it was refreshing, but honestly it caused more pain then I’ve ever felt before. It was hard to even get out of bed sometimes, but I kept going because I kept reading and hearing that God has better in store for me.

Throughout this season of life, I learned the most about myself and God then ever before. I grew exponentially. Yeah my actions changed, but even better, my heart changed. My insecurities started washing away and I feel like I see and love people more like Jesus does. Instead of just hearing that God had more in store for me, I started feeling and seeing it. Even though I made bad decisions, I don’t regret who I was, because now I see both sides of things and I know now and forever which side I will always choose.”


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