Wedding Day Fit Tips for Boss Babes | WIth FITNESS COACH Sandra Cauley | Georgia Wedding Photographer

  I know you're in the throws of busy season.   Some of you may be pulling double header wedding weekends or shooting every day.  Regardless, you're hustling, and we are running right there along side of you.  You know I'm a huge fan of self care, so I asked my fitness coach friend, Sandra Cauley, to give us some pointers for wedding season and avoiding the infamous "wedding hangover".  Check out her tips for staying healthy (alive) while you celebrate with your couples:


  Ok boss babes, we know those LONG hours on your feet can really take a toll on your body! You may notice extra inflammation in your legs and hella swollen feet and ankles that stick around after a wedding day. We definitely don't need a wedding taking you out the day after--especially if you are pulling double duty or have kiddos to love on!  Here are some before, during, and after self-care tips to alleviate (or maybe even prevent) those aches!

Leading up to your wedding weekend, be sure you are getting plenty of sleep multiple nights before.  Saying no to late nights the last couple days of the week may seem like a drag, but you will thank me after.

Drink A LOT of water. Shoot for ½ your body weight in water. More if you are working out. Be sure you are avoiding lots of sugar and eating clean leading up to the weekend. 

Add a stretching or yoga routine 10-20 minutes a day. This will keep your joints ready for the extra stress on event day, and increase your circulation and blood flow to muscles.  Be sure you warm up for 3-5 minutes before stretching to prevent injury and increase effectiveness. A great resource is Yoga with Adrienne on YouTube.  

On wedding day, do a little yoga warm up then water, water, WATER!  Drinking water prevents inflammation and helps keep everything moving and functioning properly so you don’t get tired.  It is easy to forget about this in the craziness of the day, so be sure to stick a couple bottles in your bag.  Aim for 3/4 your body weight (wow, I know!) on event day.  Don't forget to eat a good breakfast consisting of things like oatmeal and avocados. 

This might sound crazy but get some good compression socks!  Wear them 3-4 hours to prevent swelling and increase circulation. 

Stay away from too many dehydrating beverages filled with sugar and caffeine (looking at you Amanda, with your coffee problem).  Drink Coconut water for extra clean electrolytes, and snack on antioxidant-rich fruits like blueberries.  

If it's not 4 in the morning (haha!), take an epsom salt bath after the event! I love adding peppermint and lavendar essential oils, too.  It will help your body wind down after a day full of adrenaline.  Before bed, rub on some Deep Blue or Arnica Gel to target the immediate pain and soreness.

Foam roll! This increases blood flow for muscle recovery, works out adhesions, reduces inflammation, decreases tightness, and hurts so good while knocking out some additional stress as well (Pro tip:  get a travel size, like this one, and bring it with you when you travel). 

Do a bit more stretching or Yoga. Walking or a light jog the next day will actually help reduce recovery time as well.

Was your day full of lots of running and back and forth at a wide spread venue or did you rock back to back events? Treat yourself to a sports massage! You earned it!