Dani | Class of 2019 | by Amanda Alpharetta Senior Photographer

This sweet girl has a laugh that is beyond infectious. She is full of joy, easy to talk to, and has a welcoming presence about her. Which I find appropriate since that’s what she wants to be remembered for. I asked Dani what she wants her peers to remember her for and she said, “I really hope my classmates remember me as joyful and kind. I always think of it in the sense of “when I walk across the stage at graduation in front of my school what do I hope they think of me in that moment”. I’d like to think they would remember me making them laugh or smiling at them in the hallway, or just simply being a welcoming person!” I think she has that in the bag!

She continues with some encouragement for her younger classmates, “Don’t wish away high school! High school can be so awesome if you take advantage of whats around you. Join clubs, go to school functions, don’t be afraid to branch out, and spend time with the people you love most while you still can! Getting involved and being committed to that was my best decision hands down.”

We know you will bring just as much joy to people in this next chapter. We were happy to be a part of this amazing season!

HMU by Make Me Up